Mystics in the Matrix

The Desire Map, Listening to the Voice of the Soul + Shifting the Conflict and Drama Triangle w/ AnnMarie McKenzie

March 29, 2020 Amber Samaya Season 1 Episode 9
Mystics in the Matrix
The Desire Map, Listening to the Voice of the Soul + Shifting the Conflict and Drama Triangle w/ AnnMarie McKenzie
Show Notes

You’re on an adventure for the soul. Whether that means you’re chasing mountain tops or conquering complex life situations or business challenges, you want to make every moment count. You find satisfaction is being an explorer. You don’t just live, you experience. 

You understand that life has texture and crave, real authentic support during those pivotal moments we all confront. This is why I invited Ann Marie McKenzie to join me on the Podcast today. 

Ann Marie counsels deeply in self-leadership through emotional intelligence, guiding you to create a handcrafted life and business that intentionally feels good. She works with people who are ready to get open about living soulfully and is the go-to experiential Master Desire Map Mentor and Transformation Guide to living and doing business in ways that sustain the soul. 

Meditation, doTERRA essential oils, and Truthbomb readings are just some of the many spiritual tools she uses to strengthen the heart-mind connection in her sessions.

Ann Marie offers curated intimate programs for entrepreneurs, corporations, businesses, and women’s circles providing feelings-based experiences that encourage people to get real, get creative, get messy - and get clear. 

Our conversation covers some deep territory and really left me feeling inspired and re-ignited in my passion for living a life that is deeply connected to and led by my soul. This ability to know how we want to feel and bring those feeling states into being inside our lived experiences is perhaps more poignant right now than ever.

We talk about..

❤ The powerful and profound Desire Map process and the life areas it walks us through - Lifestyle & Livelihood, Creativity & Learning, Body & Wellness, Relationships & Society, Essence & Spirituality
🧡 The great sifting experience we're having, and the impacts of physical distancing, spending more time at home with family, spouses, or alone, and the emotional impacts of this
💛 Our current cultural shutdown providing us the time for reflection and self connection (and the perfect time for diving into the Desire Map!)
💚 The mirror effect of our personal transformation impacting the collective
💙 The conflict and drama triangle - how we can transform the Persecutor, Victim, and Rescuer reactions to the Challenger, Creator, and Collaborator responses instead!
💜 Understanding the value of healthy 'selfishness' and embracing unexpected gifts of time
💕Learning how to give from the overflow

May this be good medicine for your hearts. May you consider how you *actually* want to feel, and...go after it. Even now.

 To connect with AnnMarie, you can find her in the following quantum online spaces:

doTERRA Wellness Advocate site:
Instagram:  @annmariemckenzie13

AnnMarie is open and willing to guide you and your friends and family through the Desire Map. It's always best done in groups of people who dig each other's company and will cheer each other on in their Core Desired Feelings. So get in touch with her if you and your Beloveds would like to organize an online Desire Map group facilitation - it is a powerful powerful process. I've done it myself 3 times and it has shifted my life in measurable ways each time. 

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