Mystics in the Matrix

A review of COVID19 + embracing the One Health paradigm w/ bioscientist and artist, Dr. Irene de Brice

March 16, 2020 Amber Samaya Season 1 Episode 8
Mystics in the Matrix
A review of COVID19 + embracing the One Health paradigm w/ bioscientist and artist, Dr. Irene de Brice
Show Notes

It has been quite a powerful and dynamic week and month for many of us as we face a rapidly shifting world in light of the COVID19 'pandemic'. There are other things pulling at our hearts like Indigenous land sovereignty, global climate destabilization, young people fighting for a democracy in China, and the impacts of late Capitalism on our hearts, bodies, minds, environments and social fabric. But here we are - holding all of this - and also in the process of having to socially distance ourselves from each other when, in so many ways and for so many reasons, we want to be showing up in community, organizing, standing on frontlines...together. We want to be in service to all life. There is uncertainty here. And big brazen paradox. 

My guest today is someone who understands well what it means to walk with paradox. 

Dr. Iréne de Brice is Costa Rican bioscientist, certified holistic health practitioner and herbalist, mystic and self-taught artist. During her formal education she completed graduate programs in biosciences, and also completed a MS in Natural Health and Lifestyles in 2011.

Much like our current reality, her life has been split in a dualism. On one side, her scientific body of work has revolved around molecular virology and most recently, infectious disease epidemiology. On the other, she has held on to natural artistic skills from early childhood and has sought nourishment in natural health studies and practices, lifelines that have helped her manage a lifelong struggle with anxiety and high-functioning depression. 

Holding it all in the balance, as a scientist, an artist, and a womxn committed to honoring the sacred and uplifting the HUEmxn experience, Irene aims to live a humble life of service anchored in the Socratic paradox. All she that she knows nothing. (Even after 13 years of intense scientific training!)

This is a SPECIAL episode, unplanned but emergent, as we are gifted with Irene's knowledge and insight to help us navigate these troubled waters. 

In this conversation we cover SARS-CoV-2 (COVID19), studying and understanding Life, the catharsis of art, science +/vs spirituality, One Health, why slowing down is good medicine, checking our privilege even during crises, and how we can care for each other in this dynamic time. 🙌🏽⭕️

A very informative and powerful episode that I hope will be good medicine for you.  

Your can find this incredible 'scientartist' at the following online locals:
Instagram: @Ihwsh.pod

Thank you for listening and supporting.

amber samaya xo


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