Mystics in the Matrix

Tending, Sending and Mending with Juliette Woods

January 19, 2020 Amber Samaya Season 1 Episode 1
Mystics in the Matrix
Tending, Sending and Mending with Juliette Woods
Show Notes

Today's podcast guest, Juliette Woods, is an incredible mix of mystic, mother, spiritual guide, creative, and earth spiritualist. 

In our conversation we talk about...

  • The concept of a 'slow-cooked' life and regenerative self care 
  • Tending to ourselves by tuning into our innate capacities, seeking emancipation from the paradigm of overdoing
  • The recognition that we are re-learning how to be in circle and the balance between patience, openness, compassion, boundaries, and...well, we'll figure it out eventually! 
  • Considering what is means to 'hold space' or be 'sending' energy to someone #gettinspiritual #woohoo
  • Recognizing the places we need to perhaps reclaim ourselves
  • Cultural appropriation and a gentle invitation to be ever more vigilant with our language
  • Making conscious transformations in your business - even when it's a bit challenging
  • Being in service to LIFE through acts of connection and contemplation (and some good ole ironic humour) and Juliette's photo project and 'devotion of trash removal on the West Coast of Canada', Lost & Found. Please Claim.

We cover a lot of ground in this long-form conversation that feels like a lengthy stroll down the beach on a drizzly day...picking up wise little the selkies a wave hello and wink or two...remembering the seal skin tucked away in our own closets.

You can connect with Juliette in the following ways:
@juliettefaewoods - for the Lost &Found. Please Claim photo series
YouTube: Spiritual Practices playlist channel (3 Fold Balance)

Show notes:
Namaste (meaning):

Transcendental Meditation healing violence - Study:

Shiloh Sophia - Poem - Let Me Gather Myself: 

Lost & Found. Please claim - Juliette's beach cleanup garbage photo series:

Joanna Macy - The Work that Reconnects:


Opening music and music behind the poetry read was "Bittersweet" by Kevin MacLeod (, License: CC BY (

Music for Podcast intro is "Karma Cat" by Dyalla (Creative Commons License)

And you heard the song "Slow Decay" by Ingrid Witt (Creative Commons License) during our conversation from Epidemic Sound


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