Mystics in the Matrix

Finding the Feminine Face of God and Healing the Sisterhood w/ Anasuya Isaacs - Part 1

April 04, 2022 Amber Samaya Season 3 Episode 2
Mystics in the Matrix
Finding the Feminine Face of God and Healing the Sisterhood w/ Anasuya Isaacs - Part 1
Show Notes

In this episode the brilliant Anasuya 'Too Much' Isaacs shares with us about her journey to find the Feminine Face of God that led her across the globe, exploring multiple faith traditions, in search of the MOTHER. She shares the full circle revelations that led her to a mystical form of Hinduism robust with the Divine Feminine, and then back to the Christian tradition - one that was rooted in the voices and stories of women who were the foundation of early Christianity. The re-birthing eve!

We also speak about the story of women over the ages, from the oppression and burning of women in Europe, to the trans-Atlantic slave trade, and the many ways in which we have been divided and separated, naming the systems and structures that have created the current situation we find ourselves in. Anasuya shares her desire for women to know and embody their worth and just how phenomenal they really are, which is at the heart of her call to heal the sisterhood!

In Part 2 of our conversation, we will dive more into what healing the sisterhood looks like in our current culture (North American) in which we live in the aftermath of colonization, oppression is still very alive and very real, and there is a deep need for acknowledgment, repair, awareness, softening of the heart, and being able to see each other as fully  divine human beings.

To learn more about Anasuya's work with women check out the course she is current offering - Unapologetically Too Much with Anasuya

Anasuya's Bio:

Anasuya Isaacs is a globetrotting Alchemical Transformation Coach Trainer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Writer, and Painter. As a Cultural Ambassador, she has developed empowerment programs for people to speak the unspeakable, love their broken selves and own their innate power by combining the power of storytelling, empathy and the creative arts/theater to teach the power of Words to manifest your desired outcomes now. She has empowered Women and young people through her programs all across New York City as a Teaching Artist as well as in France, Kenya, Italy, South Africa and Germany. Trained in the Stanislavsky Method of acting in Paris, France, Anasuya co-founded a theater company in Paris with friends to perform classical French theater in the Commedia dell’Arte style. Returning to the States, she continued as an actress in her own plays and as a spoken word artist. As a lover of words, she has edited and been included in several anthologies of poetry and essays.

As an advocate for women’s leadership, Anasuya is also a Certified and Licensed WomanSpeak Circle Leader, facilitating the unleashing of the brilliance of women’s voices as public speakers. This training expands Anasuya’s healing offering to women and children  ready to liberate their voices stolen by trauma from rape, sex trafficking, sexual and physical abuse. As a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher, Anasuya creates and leads workshops and programs that lead people into a Vision Quest into the heart of their Soul Work and their innate healing capacity using visual art, writing and sacred rituals.

Her longing to be a career diplomat to bring cultures and people together in peace, led Anasuya to study International Relations and Communication at Oberlin College. As required by the US State Department, she became bi-lingual in French, deepening her study of the language at the Sorbonne, Universite de Paris, in Paris, France.  She has traveled to 22 countries and has lived in six countries outside of the United States. Witnessing the need for women’s leadership, Anasuya created and has been facilitating her Let Love Lead workshops and programs that ignite the sacred alchemy between theater, poetry, song and art a

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